Krone - the oldest restaurant in Ulm

Krone, situated in the Kronengasse, is the oldest restaurant in Ulm. It was first referred to in 1320, when it was a lodging house. The Krone was a princely lodging house for famous men like Emperor Ruprecht, or the Reformer Johannes Hus. In 1430, Emperor Sigismund took the royal retinue to be accommodated in Ulm. Famous personalities stayed at the Krone even during the Thirty Year War. In total, 30 different kings and emperors were guests at the Krone. Most of them sat at the wall that remains unplastered even today - the oldest visible exterior house wall in the city - and received homages and gifts from the residents of Ulm.

In 2000, the large building was expensively refurbished.  The Krone has two large guestrooms. The building's showpieces are a picturesque inner courtyard and the historical vaulted cellar with a large, deep well. We hope you feel like kings and queens - or even emperors and empresses - during your time here at the Krone.



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Mon to Fri

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Sat - Sun

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Gaststätte Krone

Kronengasse 4
89073 Ulm

Karin Schumann

Tel. 0731.140 08 74
Fax 0731.140 08 75


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